Hilburn & May Secret Meat Rub
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Author: Grill Dome Admin
This is from a grocery store that was in West Monroe, LA. I called the Chamber of Commerce in West Monroe, LA trying to determine if the grocery store was still

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around. People would line up outside the meat department on Friday to buy meat marinated in this to grill. It went out of business years ago. I went to high school with Don, son of one of the owners, and asked for the secret rub to use on steaks. I had been asked to grill for a church golf tournament. Steak sauce was not needed and they almost fell apart. I guess it’s OK to reveal the secret!

  • Oil meat with light cooking oil.
  • Heavy shake of Seasoned Salt.
  • Heavy shake of Garlic Salt (I use garlic powder to cut the salt).
  • Heavy shake of Lemon Pepper.
  1. Place in bag and refrigerate over night. Grill!!
  2. Use on beef, pork, chicken …
  3. I have made a paste of all of the above and rubbed it into large amounts of chicken, pork and steak if I am cooking for a crowd.

Recipe Submitted by: JMason (Grill Dome Community)


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