Raichlen’s Pseudo Rendezvous Ribs
Recipe Type: Main
Author: Grill Dome Admin
Cook time: 1 hour
Total time: 1 hour
Serves: 6
“The Rendezvous’ dry ribs are the most famous BBQ in Memphis. But are they true BBQ? The cooking process is direct grilling, not indirect or smoking. Forget about the low pit temps of competition pit masters – these ribs are cooked in a virtual blast furnace. They’re not rubbed or seasoned ahead of time, nor mopped during the cooking.” “The fact is we use the fastest method we can to simply be able to be able to cook the 800 racks of ribs we serve nightly,” Nick Vergos [owner] says.” – BBQ USA p.36-37
  • 1 batch Raichlen’s Pseudo Rendezvous BBQ Dry Rib Seasoning (Link)
  • 1 batch Raichlen’s Pseudo Rendezvous BBQ Rib Sauce (Link)
  • 2 to 3 pound Spare Rib
  1. Liberally salt and pepper the ribs and then cook over direct heat for 35 minutes (bone side) and then about 25 mins (meat side down) til sizzling and golden brown. Move on grill if getting a flame up.
  2. Remove the ribs from the grill and generously mop with the mop sauce and then sprinkle about a 1/8th inch “crust” of the seasoning on the ribs.

Recipe Submitted by: MenphoManiac (Grill Dome Community)
Recipe courtesy of: Adapted From the book “BBQ USA” by Steven Raichlen

Cook time and Serving size will be dependent upon the type and size of meat and guest appetite. Generally 1lb of ribs will feed 2 to 3 people (Unless they’re super hungry or Baby Back Ribs) then adjust for 1 1lb rack per person.


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