As announced , the Battle of Burgers 2010 winners are:

Judges’ Choice Best Burger:

Peoples’ Choice Best Burger:


Congratulations to James Glenn, the winner of a brand NEW INFINITY Series Grill Dome!

 About the Event

On October 2nd 2010, 18 best of the best restaurants in Atlanta competed for the bragging rights for best burger in Atlanta.  Armed with Kamado grills donated by Grill Dome, spatulas and their best burger recipes, they battled it off for the, very, very, very prestigious title of:

– “The People’s Choice, Best Burger”
– “The Judge’s Choice, Best Burger”

Our Judges included several local and national personalities including Food Network’s Herb Mesa.

About Embraced

Yes, we love mouth-watering beefy burgers smothered in all sorts of cheesy-goodness, but just know that every bite supported Embraced.

For every ticket sold, Embraced was able to give 5 individuals in need medical equipment. Talk about a huge ROI!!!!! (return on investment for all you non-business folk).

Embraced is a 501 (c) (3) organization who’s mission is to ensure that all people have access to quality orthopaedic and prosthetic devices that can improve the quality of their lives.

Embraced sets up collection bins in doctor’s offices, gyms, schools, etc that collect gently-used orthopaedic equipment (walkers, wheelchairs, braces, etc). We then share this equipment to indviduals in need both locally and globally. Check out for more information.

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