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Spice up your backyard with our vibrant color selection! Make your neighbors green with envy!

Spice up your backyard with our vibrant color selection and make your neighbors green with envy!

Customize the X2 Infinity and make it the centerpiece of your outdoor space!

Martha Stewart has had many grills over the years but none like the Infinity X2 Kamado. She was bored from the same tireless options and was inspired by the color options we had to offer. She tried out our unique color matching capabilities that allowed her to pick the exact colors she was looking for to compliment her outdoor landscape. She picked out a Bedford Grey to match the siding of her house.

Now you can pick from hundreds of colors!

The Ultimate Grill for the Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen!

Four Custom Setups to pick from!

How does it work?

1) Pick one of the four X2 Custom packages that fits your outdoor space best.
2) Select up to two colors to use for the Dome and the Base.
3) Simply pick out the Pantone Color to your liking.

There are hundreds of colors to pick from. Once you have selected the pantone color, allow our consultant to confirm the match.
Once ordered, the grill is produced within 14 business days and shipped directly to you.

Visit pantone.com

Infinity X2 Complete Custom Kamado

X2 Complete Custom

Standalone Domemobile and 304 Folding Side shelves

Infinity X2 Solo Custom Kamado

X2 Solo Custom Kamado

Ideal for Custom Outdoor Kitchen projects


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