"Dial-It -In" Airflow Controls


Without the ability to control heat, grills can be unpredictable and cooks can vary each time. A kamado overcomes these challenges with the thick ceramic walls that hold heat much better than its metal counterparts. Also, food is cooked from every direction as the shape of the grill is round. The ceramics can also do a great job of holding flavor in and developing it further. Proper seals between the lid and base of the kamado and the top damper are imperative to create a more dependable cooking environment. The Grill Dome is designed to provide the ultimate control.

Two dampers on the bottom base and the top neck control the airflow in the cooker. The draft is created when the top damper (1) and the bottom damper (2) are both open. Air comes in from the bottom damper (2) to fuel fire and top damper (1) allows for an exhaust. To reduce the heat, simply choke the fire by close the bottom damper (2), or to ignite more charcoal open up the bottom damper to desired level.

When both vents are completely open a draft is created in the kamado and this air can be used to start the fire very quickly and also achieve high temperatures. Simply cut the dampers down to hold lower temperatures and this allows control for lower temperatures for baking or smoking.


DialTop Smoke Control

Control the updraft airflow in the vessel with the DialTop. The more it is opened, the more draft is created. During startup, the damper is wide open. Once the fire is started, usually it is set between a 2 and 5 depending on the temperature desired. In addition, use the top lock knob to hold the setting exactly where you want it and avoid losing your setting when opening the dome. The top slider is enumerated so that you can "Dial-In" the exact setting and dial in the smoke flavor to your liking.


DialDoor Airflow Control

The main airflow to the firebox and fire comes through the bottom damper door. The DialDoor is designed to allow a complete range of airflow settings. Open up completely during startup to allow for maximum airflow. Once started close the enumerated door to normalize airflow. Adjust the damper by opening the door further to increase airflow and therefore raising temperatures of the fire. Damper down to choke the fire down and bring the temperature of the fire down as well. The DialDoor is also enumerated to allow you to give you a reference for your setting.


New! DialFan - Powered Airflow

Use the DialFan to give you a consistent airflow through the cooking process. The speed of the fan can be adjusted by turning a knob. The fan has a built-in battery to allow you to use without a constant power source. The DialFan mounts to DialDoor.
Turn up to max setting to start up charcoal quickly, you’ll be ready to start barbecuing within 10 minutes. Turn down setting and use to maintain constant airflow. Useful on windy days.

Battery Powered, Rechargeable, Power Cord included, Sold Separately.