Does the Grill Dome require any assembly?

Grill Dome comes assembled and can be unpacked in less than 5 minutes.

What kind of charcoal does Grill Dome use?

Lump Charcoal. We do not recommend using any kind of briquettes-as they have more filler and are not as environmentally friendly.

How do you control the temperatures?

One of the main differences between the Grill Dome and other metal grills is that you always cook with the lid down. Temperatures are therefore controlled by the bottom and top dampers. The bottom damper helps control the air flow into the grill and therefore the temperature. The top damper helps regulate the air flow out and therefore also helps control the amount of smoke flavor.

How do you light the Grill Dome?

You can light the Grill Dome in FIVE easy steps
1. Rake the charcoal sitting in the firebox, and clear out the ashes from the bottom compartment every 3 to 4 uses
2. Add additional charcoal to the bottom of the holes on the side of the firebox and mound up in the middle
3. Place a lit fire starter in the middle of the charcoal
4. Open the bottom and top dampers wide open, and close the lid
5. Wait 7-10 minutes

What all do I need to start cooking on the Grill Dome?

Grill Dome comes with all the components ready to cook. All you need is some charcoal and meat. Besides the basic components there are a few items we do recommend to our customers – Ash Tool, Metal Top, Temperature Gauge

How do you maintain a ceramic cooker?

Grill Dome does not have any parts that burn out or require maintenance. All you have to do is clean your grill to your hygienic preference and that’s it!

Can I cook in the winter?

Yes you can safely cook in any temperature.

Can I cook in the rain?

Grill Dome is water proof and can be used while raining. We do however recommend having a grill cover to keep moisture out of the grill.

What kind of warranty do you have?

Lifetime Warranty on ceramics against cracking due to heat, lifetime warranty on the hinges against rusting and a 5 year warranty on the gasket.