Grill Dome was honored to be a part of this years Taste of Atlanta event! Drawing in thousands of foodies and fun seekers from around the south east, the weekend kicked off Friday night with “The Big Grill – A Midtown Block Party”. Renowned local chefs such as Keith Rathbun and the Food Networks Aarón Sanchez had an opportunity to showcase there culinary skills on one of our many Large Grill Dome Infinity Series Kamado Grills at the event.

The evening kicked off with questions and accolades from the onlookers about our Kamado Grills. Local chefs started coming over and putting there food on our grills for sampling. Everything from chicken to scallops create an enticing aroma for the crowd.

Off in the distance on the main stage Yacht Rock Schooner (An Atlanta Favorite) began to play to many in the crown dawning the “Hat” of the evening. What a memorable evening. Great food, many more good friends and full belly later, it was time to get ready for the weekend.

Saturday seemed to show up in a hurry. Setting up next to Atlanta’s own sports radio station 680 “The Fan” got us pumped for day, showcasing several of our Grill Dome cookers, both Large and XL (Superdome). The onlookers waited patiently for our first guest chef early that afternoon, author of the Whole Hog Cookbook Libbie Summers to dazzle our taste buds with one of her many great recipes. Well she did not disappoint, featuring racks of ribs and a special barbeque sauce brought from her private stash made the dish even more delicious. It was only a matter of moments it seemed like and Sunday, the last day of the Taste of Atlanta was upon us.

Sunday was a bit more relaxed, greeting folks we had met the day before. Getting many happy and full patrons to come through our Grill Dome booth.  We set-up for yet another cook show early in the afternoon. Folks started piling in four and five rows deep to watch the Chef cook her favorite dishes.

It was a fantastic weekend for Atlanta and Grill Dome. The response was unbelievable, and the interest was even greater. Who knows, maybe next year we will do it all over again. At least from my perspective, I sure do hope so….







The Big Grill – A Midtown Block Party
Presented by Amstel Light in Tech Square, October 21.

Fire-up the weekend with renowned chefs, including Food Network’s  and Atlanta’s own Kevin Rathbun, for a festive 10th anniversary celebration – complete with birthday cake, live music, cold beer and the best bites in the city. The Big Grill will benefit Georgia Organics.

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