Everyone that loves BBQ… LOVES pulled pork sandwiches…but…the process of slow smoking a pork shoulder can make this classic recipe a bit involved with regards to how much time is required.  This recipe puts a spin on things and shows you how to cook a Boston butt the “hot and fast” method that will greatly reduce your cook times.  The great thing about the Grill Dome though is that because of the massively thick ceramic walls, you can rest easy that the meat will still come out nice and tender 🙂  Pics and video from start to finish below.  Enjoy!


1 Boston butt or a picnic or a whole pork shoulder
Yellow mustard
BBQ rub
Sandwich buns or garlic toast

Coat all sides of the pork with cheap yellow mustard so it will act as a binder for the BBQ rub.  Next, liberally coat all sides of the pork with the rub in order to promote a nice bark.  Set aside until ready to cook.

Set the Grill Dome for an indirect cook using the Indirect Cooking Rack and a ceramic stone.  Preheat to 350°, making sure to add a couple chunks of your favorite smoke wood. Once preheated, place the pork on the center of the main cooking rack and cook until an internal temperature of around 195° – 200° is reached.  At that point, foil the meat with heavy duty aluminum foil and place in a dry cooler to rest for at least one hour (it can easily rest for 2-3 hours and stay piping hot).

Pull the meat then pile it high on either some tasty sandwich buns or garlic toast.

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