Pork tenderloin is an excellent cut of meat to cook on the Grill Dome b/c it doesn’t take too long to cook, it’s incredibly tasty and there are a ton of ways to prepare it.  One of my go-to methods is to coat it with a homemade pecan rub and cook it on the Grill Dome using a 2-zone setup.  The 2-zone setup for pork tenderloin is perfect as it provides a nice sear on the outside while giving you complete control over the finished internal temp.  Recipe and video from start to finish below.  Enjoy!


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Pork tenderloin
Pecans (or pecan meal if you can find it…)
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup BBQ rub
Oil (canola or grape seed)


If you can’t find pecan meal, then you’ll need to take bagged pecans and grind them up as fine as possible in a food processor. Mix the ground pecans (or pecan meal) with the brown sugar and BBQ rub. Coat all sides of the tenderloins with oil then liberally dust down all sides with the pecan rub.

Set your Grill Dome up for a 2 zone cook: after you light your lump charcoal, install the main cook grate, then the Half Moon Rack on top of that with a Half Ceramic Stone underneath it (this is the indirect-heat side).

Stabilize your Grill Dome to around 425°-450°. First toss the tenderloins on the direct-heat side and lightly char on both side (2-3 min per side). After than, move over to the Half Moon Rack and continue cooking until the internal temp reaches around 140°. Pull and let rest for 5-10 minutes then slice and serve!

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