Fresh Mahi Mahi is excellent when grilled on the Grill Dome. You can serve grilled Mahi Mahi w/ veggies; top a salad with it; or use it for some yummy fish tacos.


Fresh Mahi Mahi fillets (the fresher, the better!)
Oil (something w/ a high flash point like canola or grape seed)
Seasoning blend (You can use a blackening blend or something like a lemon pepper blend)

Coat the fillets in oil then cover all sides with your seasoning blend. Set up your Grill Dome for direct heat grilling and preheat to 375° – 400°. Once your Grill Dome has stabilized, coat the cooking grate with oil. Use paper towels soaked in oil then use cooking tongs to wipe the grate down with the oil. This will aid in reducing sticking. Cook the fillets for no longer than 2-3 minutes per side until they are a nice golden brown and the meat is white and flaky (check w/ a fork). Serve and enjoy!

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